Policy recommendations

The key findings and policy recommendations from the REPAIR project are summarised in following publications.

End of Project Report

Orr, A M, Jackson, C, White, J T, Lawson, V, Gardner, A, Hickie, J, Stewart, J L and Richardson, R (2022) Change and Transition on the UK’s Retail High Street, Real Estate, Place Adaptation and Innovation within an integrated Retailing system: REPAIR End of Project Report, University of Glasgow, Glasgow

Policy Briefs

1. Building Usage and Ownership. Adaptation and resilience of city centres

2. Leisure and Entertainment Experiences. Reshaping city centres

3. City Centre Real Estate Markets. Changing retail practice and adaptation

4. Repurposing Vacant Space. Bringing buildings back into effective use

Engagement with Policy Process

Dr Orr was a member of the Expert Panel at the event on 14th August 2023 and took part in the discussion on Glasgow City Council’s Vision and Plan for the Golden Z in Glasgow city centre.

Evidence presented by Dr Orr, Dr White and Dr Lawson on 23rd May to Glasgow City Council Planning Department.

Dr Orr was interviewed by a HM Treasury Policy Advisor on 6th June 2022 as part of the Levelling-Up and Regeneration Parliamentary Bill preparations.

Evidence presented by Dr Orr on 18th May 2022 to Scottish Parliament Economy and Fair Work Select Committee Inquiry. The Committee’s report was published 25th November 2022 and is available here.

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