The retail sector is fundamental to many local, regional and national economies and social structures, yet is experiencing a prolonged period of change and uncertainty: rapid and significant changing consumer behaviour, retailer rationalisation and financial pressures, and increasing concerns over anti-social behaviour and the accessibility and security of traditionally public places are significant economic and social drivers of change that is occurring within our urban centres.

Real Estate, Place Adaptation and Innovation within an integrated Retailing system (REPAIR) is a multi-stream research project, running over three years.  Researchers are studying the spatial processes of adaptation that are occurring within urban centres, innovations to real estate practice and building form, and involvement of social structures within urban retailing systems as they adjust to structural change.

Through a mix of research methods, including spatial modelling, interviews and stakeholder events, the project aims to identify and evaluate property related factors and stakeholder behaviours that affect the creation of diversity, innovation and, thus, adaptive capacity within retailing centres.

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